November Meeting Minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2022

Community Time:

Parent mentioned discourse online on Face Book regarding grading policy. Learning the lay of the land but seems like parents have strong feelings.

Another parent mentioned the consistency between teachers is not there. When submitting grades for colleges the transcript would hurt students especially those applying out of state schools. Teachers can say that student is doing great in class but why does my student have a C. Mr. Beech responded there is a lot of inaccuracy that is being shared on FB. Research Grades differ about 50 % -practice that teachers are doing is to bring consistency closer. There is no grading policy. Assessment are to be informative and to help improve skill. Based on student performance. Students grade today will be reflective of the mastery they show today. Previous years students were graded on completing a safety form, bring Kleenex and given extra credit. Grading periods will be opened for students to show mastery and grades can be changed and recover. Written expression in language arts are more difficult to grade. We do have students that have A’s in the 1st marking period.

Ms. Moore spoke that It may be harder to get an A in 1st quarter, however, we do have students with A’s. What we have done to offset for seniors-5 learning targets before we add new targets, to ensure semester 1 grades are accurate for college transcript. Communicate where students are versus each target. Our end goal is to give them authentic feedback. Want to send students to college prepared.

Mrs. Huddleston overall higher-level assessment of higher-level thinking and critical thinking in comparison to Covid. We are all use to textbook teaching and grading. Ask students to look at the feedback they are getting from their teachers. It is a team effort. Parent stated that finding out where this information is very labor intensive in Canvas. Teachers have them organized differently.

Mrs. Huddleston suggested the conversation should change from why it is not an A, to what was the feedback from the teacher.

Parent suggest that we should have intermediate benchmarks to show they are moving in the direction of mastery.

Parent mentioned some teachers do not give feedback. What is a parent to do? Also, feedback is not the same as the grade the student is receiving. He keeps hearing the override at the end of the year, which did not happen at the end of last year. It depends on the teacher and each do it differently. What parents don’t understand is the different stories they are hearing and seeing.

Moore feedback should be there. It is difficult where to find the feedback in Canvas because it is not user friendly to find the comments on graded assignments.

Parent said unfortunately parents rely on Parent Vue and that does not show the feedback as in Canvas.

Mr. Beech comments can be made in Canvas and other tools. It is hard for parents to find. We are working on having common Canvas pages/use to build stronger norms and practices to make it easier for parents to navigate. If a student is not getting any feedback, please reach out to the teacher and if needed reach out to counselor and admin to have the conversation.

Parent agrees that some comments will end up in a gripe session.

Mr. Beech mentioned that an email that was sent to students and was reposted on FB. From a practice perspective the teacher mentioned the grade will be included in 2nd marking period since they were not able to complete the task in the 1st marking period.

Ms. Huddleston mentioned to go to a teacher when you can’t find or understand a grade before going to FB.

Parent asked if we are seeing a lot of students coming in to retest? Mr. Beech responded that student may have 5 attempts to show mastery on a target-built into the teaching and assessment.

For Language Arts (skills-based curriculum) continually reassess each target. As for an official retake, students come without doing any prep work. Embedding the reassessment makes them use the feedback given from the teacher.

Dr. Scott relationships and feedback is essential. Anytime a teacher prints progress report from gradebook that is the official grades. Jan 30 and June 30 for seniors. Stack targets in such a way to show mastery. Idea that you “show me you know it” and you will get the grade. How quickly can I get you feedback and what do you as a student do with it. See the teacher to get feedback.

Moore the use of the learning target in feedbacks help them know what they need to work on. If you are not getting feedback, please reach out to the teachers and if no response reach out to your students’ counselor and/or administrator.

Learning target is state standards written in student friendly interpretation.

Parent asked if change of policy is in VA or PWCS? Mr. Beech said there is no policy. Frankly the student needs to show what they know-mastery. Teachers are using 4 pt. scale to show proficiency. That is not mandated that is teacher choice.

Students that apply outside of VA -private schools etc. what we need is the transcript to show the rigor. Example all A’s in AP course but student scored a 2 in AP exam-grades are too high in the AP course for what student showed that they knew in the AP exam.

Colleges look at success the students work thru feedback, work to problem solve, and how successful the students are in the college career based on the HS they attended.

Parent mentioned his daughter going to CNU and mentioned students getting grades for bringing in cans of soup. If we are preparing our students for college than we are doing good work.

Mr. Beech-Goal is for grades to be accurate-what we are seeing is a decent body of evidence that is what students are doing in the class compared to how they are performing outside of the classroom.

Parent PTSO secretary and President of PTSO-still working on 501 3C main priority this year. They need support from parents, teachers and students in order to provide for the school. Asking for support from parents and students. The monies made go back to teachers and students. Want to be able to give scholarship to seniors (1st graduating class). Currently waiting on approval for other fundraisers from central office. Follow on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. Share incentives they are working on. Need help from parents. Don’t have a treasure, membership person and only two board members. Lend a hand when you can and donate time.

Parent wanted to thank the admin team for being present at cross country competitions.

Parent asked where does the gate money go? Mr. Beech responded they go to student activity accounts. 39k in gate receipts this year. This becomes the budget for the year for the DSA (referees, football helmets reconditioning, uniforms, field maintenance, etc.)

Parent asked is other any dual enrollment at GHS now. Mr. Beech said right now we have Teachers for Tomorrow. Next step would be in CTE in engineering. Goal is to have rigorous education that prepares students for college. Should we offer both AP and Dual Enrollment. Going back to liaisons for Nova and Career Counselor. Offer courses where we can with the agreement with Nova.

SAIC Update

Ms. Kinsel gave update. PWCS Strategic Plan-looking for transparent communication from schools and PWCS. Standardize define, measure, analyze, more robust messaging system. Concerns regarding new schools being built and instantly overcrowded. Advised not any new schools in Woodbridge because they are land locked. Further conversation re: not students going to college. Other sources available for students. Paper Tutoring available for all students in PWCS. Free to all families.

Expectant 9th graders for 23-24 650. 10th grade 670, currently almost 600 for current 9th grade class.

Principals Time:

Good News

  1. 2 students competing at States in cross country
  2. Band scored a superior rating in assessments
  3. 6 performances of “Puffs”
  4. Lockheed Martin visit with our Career Counselor. Met with students that chose not to go to a 4-year college. Technical fields in manufacturing and modeling. Lockheed Martin provides tuition reimbursement. Junior year is when they should consider applying around 2nd semester.

Intersection at University and Wentworth

  1. Reached out to Risk Management regarding the ongoing intersection problem. There was a car accident at the time they were monitoring the intersection. Asked for crossing guard and lights but have not heard back.


  1. Dr. McDade asked to develop a robust CIP. Meeting with Mr. Bixby on 11/14. Using data to talk about next steps. Using the next week to troll data (English 11, Biology and Algebra I). Will bring back data for next meeting and share.
  2. High dosage tutoring 3:1 ratio. Identify students with need and focus on smaller group of students that need more support than the 90-minute class.
  3. Article Learning from Instructional Rounds. Administration going from class to class with guest form KLC, the entire admin team and principals from other High Schools. Is the task that students are engaged in align with the standard. Begun to train department chairs on what instruction rounds are. Teachers have shared that there is tremendous power to see other teachers work.

Budget Status for 22-23 SY

  1. Review of enrollment (1997) and Budget Adjustment Sheet.
  2. Did not need to add or subtract after the first day of school. Made intentional decisions early.
  3. $850K in flex budget $70k for coaching and club sponsors, $100K to subs, and so on.
  4. Reconciled staffing positions

Budget Status for 23-24 SY

  1. Grow by 400-450 students next year.
  2. Specialty Program-back fill the seats for those transferring out and accepted to another HS.
  3. Hiring about 40 new teachers for growth.
  4. Staff according to student enrollment needs. Science adding next level of PLTW, astronomy. Art adding Art History. Dual enrollment is in discussion. Looking at offering in CTE where AP course work is not offered.
  5. Jan/Feb asked to develop budget for the 23-24 SY. We don’t have enrollment data at that point. Tax rate set in early May. Enrollment data is available in May. September 30 count is when budget is set and reconciled.
  6. In terms of non-instructional positions-adding a 2nd admin asst in counseling, add 1 AP and 2-3 custodial staff, 1 additional security staff member.

Specialty Program

  1. Lottery for transfer acceptance. Total number of students accepted based on how many students we have transferring out of GHS to other specialty programs.


  1. Nominations for Chairperson-none. Allows parents to correspond with someone that is not an administrator in the building.
  2. Email Carol Dunlow or Mr. Beech any nominations.

Next Meeting Dates:

  • February 13
  • March 13
  • May 8