October Meeting Minutes

PAC Meeting Notes

October 3, 2022

Community Time:

Parent comment regarding the driving drop off, people passing cars, not letting buses through, not getting in the right lanes. Who can they talk to and what can be done? Beech response transportation across the school system about 100 drivers shy of what we need. PWCS working on training new hires that will help alleviate double runs, etc. On campus traffic extended the line for drop off that has helped alleviate traffic. Turning left onto Wentworth is still an issue. Over 450 cars that drop off students between 7 am- 7:30 am. We have communicated the need to arrive early. Staff can’t police traffic onto Wentworth, but realize it is a huge intersection, but it is one of the challenges we have. That intersection is not on our campus, and currently not designated as a VDOT road. Conversations with Jean Lawson, Adele Jackson, but continue to meet dead ends. Action steps can send email specific to drop off (carpool, arrive early, use buses). We don’t have a crossing guard due to all students are bus riders. Mr. Beech will reach out again to steak holders again.

Parent suggested the left turn onto Wentworth is not an issue (logged both ways from University or Wentworth green). The issue would be for walkers crossing the road. Bus drivers making the right turn Limestone (2 lanes on Limestone) does help the flow of traffic and gets them out of the turn lane. Parents dropping off in the teacher lot that creates an issue.

Student concern about a few cars that park sideways/diagonal in the student lot. Student can let security/main office know and we will address it.

Parents are using the student parking lot to pick up students and they block students in.

Parent wanted to remind Mr. Beech that PTSO working on raising money to help with any areas that could help with expenditure.

Mr. Beech could use the help with teacher recognition, student recognition and after grad night that he would like the PTSO to help with.

Parent asked how the Boosters fit into the Budget? Mr. Beech responded that the monies SAFA (Student Activity Funds Account) and booking program Blue Bear manages that account. Oversight of the monies are the department and budget holder (principal). There is a line in the budget that is principal’s discretion (ex: gowns for graduation for students that can’t afford it) Boosters organizations are run by that organization. Those funds should be given to the school at the end of the year to go into the student activity fund account.

Parent asked about the chronic absenteeism. Is this due to covid? Mr. Beech shared that they are a lot of reasons why students were absent last year. If a student is absent unexcused for 3 times, we have to have communication with parents. As a school we have to intervene and get students back into school.

Principal's Time:

  1. Students protested today. More students participated than what was accepted. About 500 students. There was a point where two students had a confrontation. It was busy and loud that we had to tell students to get back to class. Mr. Beech sent out letter today. 99% of the students did what was expected of them.
  2. Marching Band Success finished 7 out of 17 bands at the Colgan Classic, strong performance for the 2nd year. Golfer going to regionals tomorrow. Volleyball won vs Patriot. Football is 2-4 for a young team. Athletically we are performing really well.
  3. 2 cast for Puffs play.
  4. Security appreciation week and PTSO did appreciation.
  5. Custodial appreciation in two weeks
  6. Touch Base on 10/10 with 3-4 minutes conference with teacher. With the same breakout session that we had at Back to School Night.
  7. PSAT for all 9-11 graders on 10-12. 4 hour 1st period, lunch and then last period of the day. Seniors will have an asynchronous day or attend the Amazing Race field trip into Washington, DC.


  1. Enrollment at 1995
  2. Flex Budget at $950K


  1. Review of Theories of Action for our CIP. Increasing Reading SOL for EL’s, Increase pass rate for Algebra I.
  2. Reading 88% pass rate, focus on SPED and EL’s.
  3. Algebra I had 72% pass, focus on EL’s
  4. 64% for students having a sense of belonging.
  5. Chronic absentee-more than 18 days absent
  6. Ms. Wood has 3 class periods that she is working with Literacy.
  7. We have 6-7 periods for High Dosage Tutoring for Alg I and EL’s. Push in tutoring is an effective means in our classes.
  8. Instructional rounds with department chairs and administration. Trying to gather large sample data in relation with our instructional strategies. Universal Design for Learning -flexibility is key to reaching all students. How I present the content, How I assess the content and how students demonstrate they know the content.
  9. Collaborative Learning Team (CLT) Training in Iowa-sent 8 teachers and an administrator. Collaborate in a way that is most effective for students. What do we expect to see from students to show they are proficient?
  10. Attendance administrative to help monitor the absenteeism. Continue work in progress.
  11. Plan to have quarterly webinars for families. Post them on website if you can’t attend. Address the topics relevant for example course selections.


  1. Goal is to have student, faculty/staff and 2 parents for each grade level.
  2. Helpful to have a chairperson. Help set agenda for these meetings and be the voice for the parents that may not want to address their concerns.
  3. Adjust meeting location in bylaws. Define the ITC in bylaws.
  4. Once the bylaws are edited (location and definition of ITC) we will use these are the bylaws.
  5. SAIC representative will be Ms. Kinsel and alternate will be Ms. Walker.
  6. Chairperson we will ask for nomination and we will vote in the next meeting 11/7.

To Do:

Send email to PAC group with nomination for chairperson.