Academic Advising 2022-2023


Academic Advising Information for 2022-2023

Academic advising for the 2022-2023 school year starts in mid-January 2022. The academic advising time allows GHS staff, students, and parents/guardians to discuss the student’s graduation requirements, post-high school plans, interests, and opportunities at GHS. There is a lot of information, and this can be overwhelming for students and parents to navigate. We hope that the below information and resources will help students and families prepare for the academic advising process.

Academic Advising Timeline:

  • Beginning of January: Teachers and students will have mini-conferences to review teacher recommendations and student choices for 2022-2023 classes
  • January 10-20: Teachers enter their recommendations to Teacher Vue
  • January 18: PWCS Nursing program information sessions during lunch. Interested students sign up in Naviance. Application is for current 11th graders to start program their 12th grade year.
  • January 18 & 20: Rising 9th grade student webinars through current middle school classes: GVMS & MMS Webinar   /   BRMS & RRMS Webinar
  • January 20: GHS Specialty Information Night, 7 p.m. Registration Link
  • January 24-30: Students and families can view teacher recommendations & make unofficial course choices in Student and Parent Vue.
    • During this period, students can enter their preferred courses in Student Vue.
    • This is not a required step, and it is not the final opportunity for students to make choices for next year’s classes.
  • January 26: GHS Elective-Palooza Webinar, 6-8 p.m.,  (Elective-Palooza Presentation)
  • January 27: Rising 9th grade parent/guardian webinar, 6 p.m. Registration Link
  • February 1: PWCS specialty applications due. Zoned GHS students do not need to apply for GHS Pathways program.
  • February 2022: School counselors start to meet with students in one-on-one meetings to review graduation requirements, discuss academic and career interests, review opportunities at GHS, and choose courses for the 2022-2023 school year
    • Week of February 6: Rising 12th graders academic advising meetings
    • Weeks of February 14 & 20: Rising 9th graders at feeder middle schools
  • March 2022
    • Weeks of March 6 & 13: Rising 11th graders academic advising meetings
    • Weeks of March 20 & 27: Rising 10th graders academic advising meetings
  • Week of April 18: Course request verification email sent to all GHS families. This email lists the current course requests for students.
  • May 27: Updated Deadline 5/20: Last day for students to submit changes to course requests via form

**All dates are tentative and may be impacted by school closures or delays**

**If a student misses the day their school counselor meeting is scheduled, their school counselor will reschedule as soon as possible. All students will be seen before spring break**

Helpful resources and tools: