SOL Information

Students who require an SOL for graduation or federal accountability requirements will take them in their class following the schedule below. Teachers will communicate with students in their class about their testing status before spring break. Students and families can also check graduation requirements in Parent and Student VUE under Test History. If you have specific questions regarding a student’s graduation requirements, please contact their school counselor.

Students who are eligible for accommodated testing through Special Education or English Learner services will receive those accommodations. Any changes to their testing location/day will be communicated by their teacher.

SOL support opportunities will be communicated by teachers before spring break.

Impacted students: Students in SOL classes who need a verified credit for graduation or are required to do so for federal accountability.

SAT School Day

PWCS is paying for all current 11th graders to take the SAT during the school day on March 21. Students will be taking the test digitally and should bring a fully charged PWCS device to school that day. Students who have College Board approved accommodations will receive those accommodations at GHS. Students can prepare for the SAT using the College SAT Practice page.

Students will be allowed to send 4 score reports for free to the colleges of their choice for the SAT. We recommend students come prepared with a list of schools to which they would like scores sent.

Impacted students: 11th grade students

AP Information

The College Board AP exams are scheduled for the weeks of 5/6 and 5/13. 

If you have an 8:00 am exam:

  • Report directly to the auditorium before 7:20. Do NOT check in with your 1st period teacher. Please plan your transportation accordingly.
  • You will eat lunch after your exam (most likely C or D lunch).
  • Bring: #2 pencils (no mechanical), 2 pens, and a calculator (when needed).
  • Do Not Bring: Ear buds, scratch paper, or smart watches. Cell phones must be powered down and stored in backpacks.

If you have a 12:00 pm exam:

  • Report directly to the auditorium at 11:55. Your exam will end between 3:30-4:15; please plan your transportation accordingly.
  • If you normally have A, B, or C lunch, continue with your normal lunch period, and then report to the auditorium at 11:55.
  • If you have D lunch on your exam day, you will switch to C lunch and then report to the auditorium at 11:55. FYI, there will be no schoolwide announcement.
  • Bring: #2 pencils (no mechanical), 2 pens, a calculator (when needed).
  • Do Not Bring: Ear buds, scratch paper, or smart watches. Cell phones must be powered down and stored in backpacks.

Any questions regarding AP testing should be directed to Rob Dulin: [email protected]

Impacted students: Students taking AP classes.

Testing Schedule

  • Writing SOL through English 11 classes
    • March 6 and 7 multiple choice
    • March 12 and 13 essay portion
  • ACCESS Testing for English Language Learners
    • February 12-16
    • February 22 and 23
  • Junior SAT during the school day
    • March 21
  • Integrated Reading and Writing assessments through English 11 classes
    • April 15 and 16
  • Spring Non-Writing SOLs
    • April 23: Seniors missing a Science SOL
    • April 24: Seniors missing a Social Studies SOL
    • April 25: Seniors missing a Math SOL
    • April 26: Seniors missing an English SOL
    • April 29: 2nd block courses
    • April 30: 1st block courses
    • May 1: 4th block courses
    • May 2: 7th block courses
    • May 6: 3rd block courses
    • May 7: 6th block courses
    • May 8: 5th block courses
  • AP Testing
    • May 6 am: AP Government
    • May 6 pm: AP Chemistry & AP Art History
    • May 7 am: AP Human Geography
    • May 7 pm: AP Statistics & AP Seminar
    • May 8 am: AP Literature
    • May 8 pm: AP Computer Science A
    • May 9 am: AP Environmental Science
    • May 9 pm: AP Psychology
    • May 10 am: AP US History
    • May 10 pm: Macroeconomics
    • May 13 am: AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC
    • May 14 am: AP Language & Composition
    • May 14 pm: AP Physics C
    • May 15 am: AP French Language & AP World History
    • May 15 pm: AP Computer Science Principles
    • May 16 am: AP Spanish Language
    • May 16 pm: AP Biology
    • May 17 am: AP Physics 1
    • May 17 pm: AP Physics 2
  • WorkKeys Testing
    • February 20 and 21
    • March 21 and 22
    • April 22 and 23