October 2023 Meeting Minutes

Community Time:

Parent mentioned he does like the new creation of scholastics bowl. This encourages students to try something new to broaden their horizons. His student enjoyed the first meeting and hopes to continue. Its connection is to It’s Academic.

Parent did mention that he emailed Ms. Wall and Ms. Jackson regarding the traffic concerns at GHS. He understands they are hitting obstacles and it’s dependent on VDOT. Mr. Beech responded that the school board is advocating on our behalf. The trees that have been cut down has been helpful with visibility in the intersection. Where the trees are cut down, long range it is planned to be a second lane to turn left.

Today we lost power during the day. Mr. Beech has requested to have gates installed in the building to help with afterschool supervision. We have several gates that come down in Science, Language Arts and HPE. We are lucky that we have natural lighting throughout the building. Students did well.

Parent asked if we are hosting the SAT during the day, will we have enough proctors? Mr. Beech responded that we probably need about 15 proctors. We will check to see if parent volunteers can proctor, if yes, then we would most likely use 3-5 parent volunteers.

Parent asked about a teacher that is leaving to the west. We hope to have the replacement hire with several applicants.

Parent asked are we still discussing dual enrollment classes. We are moving to have a couple of dual enrollment classes-Social Studies, Math and Language Arts Eng 12. We want to offer academic rigor. Advanced coursework is the best way to offer rigor. Hesitant to offer an excessive of classes. Rather do it well in a few areas and it is difficult to be certified as a dual enrollment teacher. We don’t want to offer and then not have the teachers that are endorsed in dual enrollment. We can send teachers to AP Training over the summer and courses are still advanced and give rigor. There is no guarantee that colleges will accept the dual enrollment course-only guaranteed if students go to NOVA.

Parent asked what will our projection be for next year? 2600-2640

Parent asked how much contraband have we found since the roll out of security screening system? Mr. Beech responded that we have found very little. Mr. Beech’s experience working as a principal that we have not had weapons-has had pocketknives from students that might have forgotten from Boys Scouts.

Principal Time:

Good News

  1. Marching Band doing really well. This Friday, we have about 80 MS here to perform for the FB game.
  2. Model UN had two delegations win awards.
  3. FB is undefeated, XC has top 3 finishes in recent meets, 2 golfers are competing in states on 10/10, VB record continues to improve.
  4. Student Voice is starting to get up running.
  5. Touch Base on 10/9 at 7:30 am.
  6. PSAT 10/18 for 9, 10, 11 graders. The test will be all online. The system does store the answers to the questions to your device, even if you lose internet connectivity. Seniors will have the option to go on a field trip to DC for the Amazing Race. Our social studies teachers have come up with the field trip. About 130 seniors are going on field trip.
  7. SAT for Seniors on 10/26 during the school day. First time we are offering the SAT during the school day. About 359 students were tested.
  8. Perry Weather System installed on the roof of the restrooms on the stadium. Will detect if lighting is within 10 miles of the stadium with a siren. It will also let us know if we need to evacuate the stadium due to storms with lighting.
  9. AP/Advanced coursework night October 10 to provide support tools for parents. Targeting students that have never taken an AP/Advance coursework. Sessions for parents and students. Students will have the opportunity to hear directly from students on their experiences in AP/Advanced coursework.
  10. Roll out of the security screening has been smooth. The students are doing well and has made a smooth the transition. It is labor intense, but we are appreciative of all the teachers and administration chipping in.


Enrollment is pulled 9/30 and that sets our budget for the remainder of the school year. Enrollment to date is 2394 students. We don’t know how many are free and reduced. We were funded for 15% of our body are eligible for federal support programs. We will know more in about 1 week to 10 days. $1.2 M in discretionary side of the budget. Inflation has impacted on the cost of furniture, paper goods, etc. 94.4% budget in staffing. We don’t have any changes in staffing.


No changes or updates to report. Mr. Beech has to give an update to the HS Level office at the end of October in areas of Language Arts, Biology and Algebra I. Next time we meet we will share more performance data. Attendance data will also be shared in the next meeting. Daily attendance last 94.8% this year 95%.

Chairperson Nominations

Chairperson Nominations

Propose having to co-chairs, Pamela Walker and Shawn Brann. All in agreement.