Gifted Education

Welcome to Gainesville High School Gifted Education Program 

Program Description

Gifted education services are provided throughout the school year to students in small group Socratic-style seminars. Over the course of the year, students meet 10-12 times for one class period.

Gifted seminars focus on thinking skills; not specific content. Our seminars will help students foster their communication, collaboration, creative, critical, and conceptual thinking skills. The vehicle through which we explore, practice, and develop these skills will be the various humanities and math/science areas of study. Although we support the Prince William County Gifted Education curriculum and directives, we customize it to our students' interests and needs. The GHS Gifted Education seminars will be intriguing, dynamic, welcoming, and fun!

Referral Procedure

Parents, teachers, administrators, peers, students, counselors, or the gifted education resource teacher may all make recommendations for the gifted education program. The gifted education resource teacher gathers information from multiple sources, administers necessary tests, and assembles a committee of professionals which determines if the student is eligible to receive services. Please visit this link to access the referral document along with information regarding the many PWCS Gifted Education Resources: PWCS Gifted Education Program

GHS Gifted Education Resource Teachers